Daddy’s Little Princess 

For the prompt: "can u plz write a oneshot [underage,daddy!kink] where Harry puts on a costume for something where he’s in a little pink tutu and runs into his Daddy’s room saying he’s a princess and stuff. But, he’s just wearing the tutu and Louis can see his perky bum under the ruffles and just all that and it somehow leads to Harry riding him and getting really into it and being really loud and still wearing the tutu and saying he’s "daddys little princess/daddys little slut" like PLZ im goin to hell but idc"

A/N: Never in my life have I been more sure of my belonging in hell. I bet they have a seat down there reserved for me.

Here’s a drawing of princess Harry by nena— i’M CRYING (xxx)

(3100+ words)

The beginning is in honor of the boy who sits next to me in English class, who claims he hates Twilight but hasn’t stopped reading it. Also, he says he thinks Edward is charming. ;)


"About three things I was absolutely positive: First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him– and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be– that thirsted for my blood."

Louis narrowed his eyes at the text in front of him.

"WELL OBVIOUSLY, BELLA," Louis spoke aloud, scoffing. "He’s a fucking vampire; of course he’s going to thirst for your blood. Basic bitch,” he flipped his hair. “This book is so stupid,” he said to his empty living room, thumbing to the next page and pushing his black frames up the bridge of his nose.

Why he was reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer was a question Louis himself couldn’t answer. He didn’t know how it had happened; one minute he was in his stepdaughter Gemma’s room tidying up, the next minute he was curled up in his living room chair and chewing on his thumbnail, forehead creased at the utter stupidity that was Bella Swan. He kind of hated the book. So why couldn’t he stop reading?

"And third-"

"DADDY, LOOK I’M A PRINCESS," Louis jumped from his position in the armchair, sending Gemma’s book flying. He didn’t even get a chance to see where the paperback landed; he was too distracted by the sight in front of him.

Prancing around from foot to foot and swinging his hips back and forth in front of him was his little stepson, Harry. Which was fine.

Except for the fact that Harry was wearing nothing but a fluffy, lacy, bright pink tutu.

It looked like Louis wasn’t the only one who’d been looking around Gemma’s room today. His stepdaughter danced. But she certainly hadn’t worn that tutu in years. It was even too small for Harry, just barely covering his little bum.

"I’m a princess, I’m a princess!" Harry repeated, smiling and twirling, and Louis felt like his heart was going to lunge out of his chest.

He swore he wasn’t getting a boner. Because getting hard at your stepson dancing around almost completely naked was not something good stepfathers did.

But then Harry stretched his little arms above his head and, god, Louis could see his perky little bum peeking out from underneath the ruffles. Louis guilty erection was growing with each arm stretch, each flash of his bum.

"Harry," Louis said wearily. "Wh-why aren’t you wearing any clothes?"

"Because I’m a princess!" Harry declared, as if that was a perfectly logical explanation to be running around your house in nothing but a tutu and giving your stepfather chest pains.

But this was giving Louis more than just chest pains. The man could barely breathe; there was no air in his lungs, and there certainly wasn’t any air in his pants. And he felt so guilty about it, because this should not have been turning him on at all. But he couldn’t control his dick, and as much as he bit his lip and shook and tried to make his boner stop growing, it remained.

Harry kept prancing around, sashaying and rocking his hips in a profane way. It almost felt like he was trying to make Louis come in his fucking pants. He was even more convinced of this as the little boy ran over to him, trying to climb into his lap but failing and slipping, and Jesus Christ the tutu almost came off when he slipped, and Louis knew in that moment he was going to hell for having such nasty thoughts about his stepson. Harry fixed his ruffles, smoothing out the tutu before crawling up onto Louis’ lap. Louis felt like he was going to cry when he innocently decided to sit right on his crotch, straddling him. Then Harry decided to lie on Louis’ torso, his chocolate curls resting against his chest. His skinny arms twisted around Louis’ stomach, squeezing and practically gluing their bodies together.


The innocence of Harry’s voice had Louis almost whimpering. Though Louis was his only stepdad, the two were very close. Harry called him ‘Daddy’ and both him and his sister treated Louis like they would their own father. The lack of blood relation meant nothing to them.

"Yes, Harry?"

Harry looked up at him with huge, hopeful eyes. “Do I look pretty?”

"Yes, baby," Louis confirmed. He brought his hand up and tucked one of Harry’s little curls back. "You look beautiful."

Harry smiled, and he was just so cute Louis wanted to hug him and never let go.

"Daddy?" Harry said again after a moment.


"Am I your little princess?" Louis’ heart lunged. "You always call Gemma your little princess. Am I your little princess too?"

Louis heart swelled with adoration for the boy, despite the uncomfortable situation down south.

"Yes, Harry, baby. You’re my little princess," he ran his hand through Harry’s hair, causing the boy to shut his eyes and almost purr.

But despite the innocence of the situation, Louis’ head was still spinning. His eyes kept raking over Harry’s slim, milky white back, passing over his hipbones and over the pink frills, down over to his thin legs. He couldn’t stop himself. And he hated himself for it.

Then Harry seemed to get a rush of energy from God knows where. Suddenly he was springing up from Louis chest, now on all fours and crawling in Louis’ lap, hunting for a new position. Louis could swear there was someone up there working against him as Harry decided to turn in a full circle, pausing involuntarily when his perky little bum sticking out of that tiny tutu was right in Louis’ face. Louis felt his cock twitch.

He stiffened when Harry finally settled on a position: sideways with his stomach down, his entire body draped over Louis’ lap.

And when Harry let out an audacious, “Daddy, spank me” Louis felt like he was going to cry. What the literal fuck?

"Harry where did you learn to talk like that?!"

"I saw it in a movie," Harry said innocently, so innocently Louis almost whimpered.

What kind of movies did Harry watch?

"Er. What movie, darling?"

"I don’t know," Harry shrugged, turning his head towards Louis and smiling. "I was on your computer one day and I saw it."

But the only thing Louis ever watched on his laptop was… Gay porn. Well, shit.

The boy continued.

"In the movie, one person was laying over the other persons lap, like I am right now, and he was saying, ‘ooo spank me ooo please harder yes yes spank me’ and it looked like a fun game."

Louis felt his erection grow to the point where it was almost painful at Harry’s imitations of the porn.

"Spank me, spank me!" The boy squealed, squirming in Louis’ lap. Lifting his tutu up and riding the skirt above his waist, Harry revealed the entirety of his bum. Louis nearly choked.

"Harry, I…"

"Please Daddy?" Harry looked up at him with the biggest, roundest puppy dog eyes he’d ever given his stepfather, and Louis cursed himself for being so terribly weak. But, honestly, how could he resist that face?

"I don’t-"

"You said I was your princess," Harry accused, every ounce of his eyes equipped with betrayal and hurt. "I’m wearing a tutu and everything."

"You are my princess, Harry!" he responded defensively, gulping. Somehow, one of his hands found its way to the far side of Harry’s tiny waist. "You’re Daddy’s good little princess."

Harry stuck his bum up higher. Louis really didn’t know what he was doing until he heard the sound of skin slapping against skin. Heart racing, he quickly apologized when Harry let out a whine.

"Harder," was all Harry said in response. That was all it took for Louis to bring his hand back down, striking Harry’s little cheek with more force.

Harry cried out again.

"Oh, Daddy," he whimpered. "Oh, more, please.”

Cock straining against his jeans, Louis struck his hand down again. He kept going, getting faster and harder with each strike to the reddening skin. Harry looked so good like this, bent over Louis’ lap with his ass sticking up, his cheeks getting redder with each hit. His arms were dangling off the side of Louis’ leg, his face turned toward Louis. With each hit, his eyes shut tighter and his mouth opened wider as he let out the prettiest, filthiest little moans.

Both of Harry’s cheeks were bright red at this point, and Louis took that as a signal to stop. He ignored Harry’s protests; he didn’t want to hurt the boy after all. It took less than a second for Louis’ hands to turn from rough to gentle; now he was rubbing Harry’s cheeks and pressing small kisses onto his skin in an attempt soothe his pain.

After a minute, Louis used the tips of his fingers to take the edges of Harry’s tutu and pull it back over his bum before letting his stepson skip off to a different part of the house.

As soon as Harry had made it out of the room, Louis was springing up from the chair and running to the shower. He fumbled to turn the knobs and rip his clothes off before stepping inside and shagging himself like his life depended on it. It didn’t take long for him to cry out and come messily onto his own fist, his mind drowning in filthy thoughts of Harry in his little tutu, shaking his bum and getting thoroughly spanked. After Louis had come down from his high, he felt disgusted by his own actions and thoughts. He found himself furiously rubbing soap against his skin in an attempt to rid himself of such filth.

Now, Louis was counting on this all being over. He had expected to be given some mercy and for Harry to put the tutu back, never to even think about touching it again.

But Louis wasn’t that lucky.


Louis was awoken by a small figure crawling on top of his torso. He felt a chill zip through his body, making him realize that his covers had been ripped off of him. He felt the body settle at the top of his thighs, straddling them.

Louis didn’t open his eyes, too weighed down with exhaustion. He felt hands press into his stomach repeatedly, trying to get him to react. He forced his eyes open to see a black blob against the darkness of his bedroom.

Louis reached his arm over to his bedside table and searched for his lamp, fumbling to turn it on. A pool of light revealed little Harry, once again naked save the little pink tutu around his waist. Louis was fully alert now.

‘Instant boner’ was an understatement in this situation. Louis didn’t even think it was possible to get hard that fast. Then again, his wanking thoughts those past few days had been nothing but Harry wiggling his bum and getting fucked into the next century while wearing his little tutu.


"I couldn’t sleep," was his only explanation for being in Louis’ room in the dead of night. It really wasn’t strange; this was a common occurrence for them.

Harry smoothed his skirt out and looked at Louis through his lengthy eyelashes. And when his knee brushed against Louis’ growing erection, the elder nearly had a heart attack. Harry noticed, of course. He gave it a sharp poke.

“Daddy,” the innocence in Harry’s voice only added to Louis’ thickening hard-on. “Why’s it so hard?”

Louis said nothing in response. Even if he had known what to say, he wouldn’t have been able to say it. He was an icicle, frozen and unmoving and so close to simply breaking.

Things only got worse when Harry pulled his pajama pants and boxers down to reveal Louis’ achingly hard cock.

He wrapped both palms around Louis’ erection, his tiny hands making it look massive. Louis bit his lip to fight back a moan. Harry stroked. He stroked and stroked and it took all of Louis’ willpower to refrain from bucking his hips and fucking Harry’s little hands until he came messily all over them.

But before he could, Harry was scrambling up from his position and moving so he was right on top of Louis’ cock. Then he was making a weak attempt to ride Louis, lowering his hips and raising them and trying to get Louis’ cock inside him.

"Sweetie," and shit Louis voice cracked. “What are you doing?”

"It was-" Harry was cut off by his own desperate thrusts downwards. The poor boy just kept missing. "In the movie I told you about."

The porn. Great.

"Harry that’s not such a good idea," Louis said quickly, though he made no move to stop the boy.

"Please, Daddy?" Shit.


"I thought I was your little princess?" Double shit.

"You are my little princess. But I-"

"Please, Daddy,” Louis was cut off by Harry’s new attempts to ride him. “I want- Help me."

“Harry I-“

Please,” Harry looked so desperate; there were tears in his eyes and it really looked like he needed this more than anything. And Louis actually pitied him. “Please.”

“Darling,” Louis gave him a sympathetic smile and placed his hands on his waist, lifting him off his thighs so he could lay Harry down on his back. “If you do it like that, it’s going to hurt.”

Louis jumped off the bed and grabbed a bottle of lube from his bedside drawer.  It’s not like he got laid on a regular basis, but it was good to have a bottle just in case. Plus, it made masturbation a hell of a lot easier. He squeezed a bit of the liquid onto his fingers and pushed Harry’s legs apart, lifting up the fluffy, pink tutu.

He looked into Harry’s needy, emerald eyes. “Are you sure, love?”


Louis traced Harry’s hole with the tip of his finger and took a huge breath. He pushed the tip of his finger in, going down to the first knuckle. He winced when he felt Harry clench around him.

"You alright?" He pressed a kiss to Harry’s inner thigh.

"More," Harry demanded. "More, Daddy."


Louis worked his finger in and out of Harry, going slow as to not hurt him. When the entirety of his finger was going at a steady pace into Harry’s hole, he added a second digit.

"Oh yes,” Harry’s obscene moans only made Louis’ cock thicker.

"Mmph, Harry," Louis bit his lip and chose his words carefully, not wanting Harry to parrot him and start running around in public yelling ‘fuck’ or ‘shit.’

By now, two of Louis’ fingers were pushing into Harry, nearly making it all the way in with each thrust. Louis curled his fingers experimentally, and he couldn’t help but grab his cock and stroke himself at Harry’s profane moaning.

"More," Harry cried, pushing down on Louis’ fingers and lifting his tutu up higher. "Moremoremoremore."

And Louis couldn’t take it anymore; his stroking was doing no good for him, and he could tell his fingering was doing no good for Harry. They both needed more.

He pulled his fingers out of Harry, eliciting a whine out of the boy, and pulled him up by his underarms. He lay down on his back and placed Harry on his lap so that the boy was straddling and facing him. Harry was already again trying to ride Louis’ cock. Louis lifted Harry’s little pink tutu up and squeezed his hips.

"You’re sure, Harry?"

Harry nodded, biting his lip and giving Louis the most innocent look. Louis watched Harry’s eyes grow hungry as he lathered himself up with a thick coat of lube. The boy’s eyes followed every action, staying focused as Louis worked himself to distribute the liquid. Louis knew he was going straight to hell as he took his cock in hand, using his other hand to guide Harry on top of it. He gasped when his tip met the warmth of Harry’s entrance. Harry lowered himself down so that just the head was in.  Louis couldn’t breathe.

God, Harry," Louis gasped at how tight the boy was.

Louis breathed deeply as he waited for Harry to adjust. And then Harry was working frantically, forcing Louis into himself so desperately that Louis was afraid he would hurt himself.

But Harry loved it. He loved the feeling of cock inside him, being filled up all the way and getting fucked so hard he couldn’t see.

He lowered himself onto Louis’ cock slowly, taking a bit more of him in with each retreat downwards. Once he had the majority of him in, he picked up speed. He was now full-on fucking himself on Louis’ cock while his stepdad sat back and watched in awe.

"Moremoremore," Harry kept whining and muttering little pleas. Louis daringly bucked his hips up to meet Harry’s thrusts, moaning along with him as he hit a different spot each time.

"You like that Harry?" Louis pitched boldly, praying to God he wasn’t going too far.

Harry moaned loudly in response, catching Louis’ lustful eyes with his own needy ones. Louis took this as encouragement.

"Are you Daddy’s good little princess?" He tugged on Harry’s skirt.

"Yes, Daddy," Harry said, gasping and taking Louis’ cock in all the way. "I’m your little princess."

"Are you Daddy’s little slut?” Louis knew that was pushing it, but he really couldn’t help himself.

"God, yes," Harry agreed, shutting his eyes and biting his lip. “Oh, Daddy. It feels so good.”

He bounced up and down on Louis’ cock, letting out little gasps with each thrust. And it was such a pretty sight. Harry looked so good with Louis’ cock inside him, fucking himself on it and trying so desperately to go harder and faster. He was holding his little tutu up against his stomach to keep it from getting in the way, and his eyes were clenched tight in ecstasy.

And it all really didn’t last as long as they wanted it to; Harry was moaning so obscenely and was just so tight around Louis that he couldn’t last no matter how hard he tried. He was coming hard into Harry, moaning and screaming. And he kept coming and coming as Harry continued to ride him, practically milking him. Harry was a drone, screaming, “daddydaddydaddy” as Louis filled him up all the way with his cum.

Finally, Louis pulled out of Harry and gathered him up in his arms, pressing his little body to his chest. He pressed a kiss into Harry’s hair, the curls damp with sweat.

“I love you, Harry,” Louis reminded him, guilt washing over him. But the feeling was diminished when Harry snaked his arms around Louis’ torso and squeezed.

“I love you too, Daddy,” he mumbled, planting a kiss onto his chest.


Please come visit me in hell, dear reader.

I think I’m going to edit this again some time soon.

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